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Re: Native build...

I wrote:

> Copied over the libc.so from the fresh cross build, and all is well.
> The VAX seems to be happy with 4.99.54 -- except that it's very prone to
> crash while using swap.  (Seemingly triggered by swapping stuff in.)
> The irritating thing is that the bug causes it to spontaneously reboot
> instead of dropping into the debugger, which means whatever it is is not
> being caught as a panic situation...

I did a 'cvs update' again, and started a new build.  Built new tools,
then kernels, without swap enabled.  Booted a new kernel, and started a
full userland build *with* swap enabled.  While it was working on libc,
I deliberatedly quit a long-running 'top', whose parent shell had been
swapped out.  This now caused the VAX to drop to the chevron prompt,
claiming an 'ISP ERR'.

It's sitting there now.  What should I do to get as much information as
possible out of it before rebooting?

Self documenting code isn't. User application constraints don't. --Ed Prochak

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