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Panic in IP stack


With a CURRENT kernel as of yesterday, I'm getting this panic when I
try to ssh into ths simh VAX:

Starting cron.
Wed Mar  5 17:58:32 CET 2008

NetBSD/vax (jbglaw-simh-vax-1) (console)

login: panic: trap: type 2, code 0, pc 8000b3d9, psl c0008
Stopped in pid 0.3 (system) at  netbsd:trap+0x3bc:      cmpl    r0, $15
db> bt
panic: trap: type %x, code %x, pc %x, psl %x
Stack traceback :
0xa6aa59f8: trap+0x3bc(0xa6aa5ac8)
0xa6aa5ac8: trap type=0x2 code=0x0 pc=0x8000b3d9 psl=0xc0008
0xa6aa5a94: syn_cache_add+0x421(0xa6aa5e80,0xa6aa5e64,0x9fd54824,0,0x9f8dc390,0x
0xa6aa5d50: tcp_input+0x186b(0x9fd57500,0x14,0x6)
0xa6aa5ebc: ip_input+0x578(0x9fd57500)
0xa6aa5f04: ipintr+0x4a(0)
0xa6aa5f3c: softint_dispatch+0x50(0x9fe8fd20,0xc)
0xa6aa5f68: softint_process+0xa(0)


      Jan-Benedict Glaw      jbglaw%lug-owl.de@localhost              
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