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Re: Problem with Netboot and MicroVax trying to install NetBSD

Henry Bent wrote:
Ron Olson wrote:
Aloha all-

I have rescued a MicroVAX 3100 from the garbage; it was pulled as a
production machine and still has OpenVMS 6.2 on it. The machine does
boot to VMS and I can log on, do VMS-ish stuff, etc. Of course, what I
really want to do is put NetBSD 4.0 on it. The box is identified as a
KA41-D V1.0 (MicroVAX 3100 M10 KA41-A) that is SCSI based with a tape
drive as its only input source ( i.e. no cd-rom or floppy drives). I
have a thick ethernet-to-rj45 connected on the back and under VMS it
was able to see my home network. Attached to it is a VT420 with a
serial cable that provides the screen and keyboard. It also has two
SCSI disks, a 1 gig and a 2 gig Seagate something-or-other.

Sweet setup!  I am netbooting a MicroVAX 3100 m30, which is very similar.

Heh, brain thought one thing and fingers typed another. I meant VAXstation 3100 m30.

-Henry Bent

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