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pkgsrc'ing tcl on current


First of all, I'm quite a newbee with NetBSD userland. I installed
NetBSD these days in SIMH, with 512MB RAM and 20GB HDD. My intention
is to build the toolchain as often as possible and run the regression
tests as often as possible on a better-supported VAX OS than Linux.
This is to keep GCC's VAX backend off the deprecation list.

So this is a NetBSD 4.0 installation with `current' pkgsrc, and I'm
trying to build dejagnu. It depends on tcl, and whild building tcl, it
tries to build an a'rchive and a shared version of libtcl84. The
static one builds of course, but the dynamic one breaks as expected:

cc -shared  .libs/regcomp.o .libs/regexec.o .libs/regfree.o .libs/regerror.o 
.libs/tclAlloc.o .libs/tclAsync.o .libs/tclBasic.o .libs/tclBinary.o 
.libs/tclCkalloc.o .libs/tclClock.o .libs/tclCmdAH.o .libs/tclCmdIL.o 
.libs/tclCmdMZ.o .libs/tclCompCmds.o .libs/tclCompExpr.o .libs/tclCompile.o 
.libs/tclDate.o .libs/tclEncoding.o .libs/tclEnv.o .libs/tclEvent.o 
.libs/tclExecute.o .libs/tclFCmd.o .libs/tclFileName.o .libs/tclGet.o 
.libs/tclHash.o .libs/tclHistory.o .libs/tclIndexObj.o .libs/tclInterp.o 
.libs/tclIO.o .libs/tclIOCmd.o .libs/tclIOGT.o .libs/tclIOSock.o 
.libs/tclIOUtil.o .libs/tclLink.o .libs/tclListObj.o .libs/tclLiteral.o 
.libs/tclLoad.o .libs/tclMain.o .libs/tclNamesp.o .libs/tclNotify.o 
.libs/tclObj.o .libs/tclPanic.o .libs/tclParse.o .libs/tclParseExpr.o 
.libs/tclPipe.o .libs/tclPkg.o .libs/tclPosixStr.o .libs/tclPreserve.o 
.libs/tclProc.o .libs/tclRegexp.o .libs/tclResolve.o .libs/tclResult.o 
.libs/tclScan.o .libs/tclStringObj.o .libs/tclThread.o .libs/tclThreadAlloc.o 
.libs/tclThreadJoin.o .libs/tclStubInit.o .libs/tclStubLib.o .libs/tclTimer.o 
.libs/tclUtf.o .libs/tclUtil.o .libs/tclVar.o .libs/tclUnixChan.o 
.libs/tclUnixEvent.o .libs/tclUnixFCmd.o .libs/tclUnixFile.o 
.libs/tclUnixPipe.o .libs/tclUnixSock.o .libs/tclUnixTime.o .libs/tclUnixInit.o 
.libs/tclUnixThrd.o .libs/tclUnixCompat.o .libs/tclUnixNotfy.o 
.libs/tclLoadDl.o  -L/usr/pkgsrc/lang/tcl/work/.buildlink/lib  
-Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-soname -Wl,libtcl84.so.1 -o .libs/libtcl84.so.1.0.0
gcc: the -shared option is not currently supported for VAX ELF
*** Error code 1

How do I proceed from here? Is there a specific way to force pkgsrc
(or tcl's configure) into not building a shared lib? Or should I hunt
for the last PIC patch posted here and first try to build a newer GCC
and install it?

Thanks, JBG

      Jan-Benedict Glaw      jbglaw%lug-owl.de@localhost              
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