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Re: Problem with Netboot and MicroVax trying to install NetBSD

Based on Henry Bent's suggestion, I got boot.mop from the 1.5
installation, renamed it to my ether address.SYS, ran mopd -a -d and
checking /var/log/messages I get:

mopd[831]: 8:0:2b:1d:a:c8 (1) Do you have 08002b1d0ac8? (Yes)

over and over. On the Vax I still get ?54 Retry. So it looks like the
Vax is asking for the right file, and it seems that mopd is
acknowledging the request, but on the console I keep getting:

MOP DL 802.3 8:0:2b:1d:a:c8 > ab:0:0:1:0:0 len 47 code 08 RPR
MOP DL 802.3 0:c:29:a9:4:72 > 8:0:2b:1d:a:c8 len 9 code 03 ASV
MOP DL 8:0:2b:1d:a:c8 > ab:0:0:1:0:0 len 39 code 08 RPR
MOP DL 0:c:29:a9:4:72 > 8:0:2b:1d:a:c8 len 1 code 03 ASV

again and again. 00:0c:29:a9:04:72 is the ether address of my i386
NetBSD box I'm trying to serve from.

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