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Re: sun3 kernels don't work in netbsd 7, 8 or -current.


> i notice that last time people talked about sun3 was netbsd 6,
> and i tried testing gcc6 update in my old tme sun3 machine,
> which last was with netbsd 6 too.

To confirm: my 3/80 is running 6.1.2.  I tried 7.1.1 GENERIC3X and ufsboot
fails to load it.

> which is just over 2MB.  i didn't try building a smaller
> kernel to test my theory.

I tried removing some things from the kernel, e.g.:

  no options      KTRACE
  no options      SYSCTL_INCLUDE_DESCR

  no file-system  CD9660
  no file-system  MSDOSFS
  no file-system  MFS

  no options      NFSSERVER
  no options      WAPBL

and the resulting kernel is smaller and boots.  I'll try -current.  I think
that it makes sense to comment out more in the kernel configs.



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