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sun3 kernels don't work in netbsd 7, 8 or -current.

hi folks.

i notice that last time people talked about sun3 was netbsd 6,
and i tried testing gcc6 update in my old tme sun3 machine,
which last was with netbsd 6 too.

all of -current, -7 and -8 fail.  the boot loader crashes i
think.  eg, it says:

  215700+114924 [182016Address Error, PC fetch at 0x0000F8C3.

i suspect it may be a kernel size issue in ufsboot, as the
size has grown a fair bit:

   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
1748624   52124  112104 1912852  1d3014 nb615
1992928   49692  116600 2159220  20f274 nb711

which is just over 2MB.  i didn't try building a smaller
kernel to test my theory.


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