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Re: Xorg on Blade2000


thanks for all the information!

I think I have to buy those XVR-100 card and I looked for it @ ebay...
Are there diffrent "XVR-100"? 


ps: maybe there somebody here who will sell those card?!

Am Mittwoch, den 02.04.2014, 11:02 +0100 schrieb Julian Coleman:
> Hi,
> > XVR100 works great too.
> > 
> > Most other XVR cards are proprietary wildcat stuff w/o any available
> > documentation - so basically impossible to support beyound what the
> > firmware sets up (and of course w/o acceleration).
> If you search for:
>   Sun Blade 2000 "Full components list"
> you can see the list of framebuffers that will work in the SB2000 (i.e.
> will be recognised as primary framebuffer by the firmware):
>   PGX32                       X, unaccelerated
>   PGX64                       X, limited acceleration
>   Creator3D           X [1], some acceleration
>   Elite3D             X [2], limited acceleration
>   XVR-100             Radeon 7000 - X, acceleration 
>   XVR-1000            FFB3 [3] - X, no acceleration
>   XVR-500, XVR-1200   3D Labs [3] - X, no acceleration
>   Expert3D/3DLite     3D Labs [4]
> [1] seems to suffer from RGB versus BGR in recent X versions (i.e. for
>     some programs, blue displays as red, and vice versa).  Partial docs, so
>     not all hardware acceleration is available in X.
> [2] needs firmware loaded (pkgsrc sysutils/afbinit), partial docs, no 3D
>     acceleration, slower than Creator3D for 2D.  Probably has BGR/RGB problem.
> [3] Works via wsfb.  Limited to graphics mode set by firmware.  No docs.
> [4] I don't think that we support these, but if we do they will be in the
>     same category as [3] (wsfb, no docs)
> As Martin says, the XVR-100 works well.  However, It's doesn't seem possible
> to use the DVI output in the firmware, and DVI is limited to 1280x1024 (VGA
> will drive 1920x1200).  The Creator3D is another possibility.  The PGX64 and
> PGX32 are older and slower, and with limited resolutions, although they are
> supported by X.  I've only tried XVR-100, Creator3D and Elite3D with modern,
> flat-panel displays, and all support EDID for display resolution.  PGX32 and
> PGX64 probably work if you can set a resolution supported both by the card
> and by the display.
> Thanks,
> J
> PS.  My SB2000 has Creator3D and XVR-100.

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