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Re: Xorg on Blade2000


> XVR100 works great too.
> Most other XVR cards are proprietary wildcat stuff w/o any available
> documentation - so basically impossible to support beyound what the
> firmware sets up (and of course w/o acceleration).

If you search for:

  Sun Blade 2000 "Full components list"

you can see the list of framebuffers that will work in the SB2000 (i.e.
will be recognised as primary framebuffer by the firmware):

  PGX32                 X, unaccelerated
  PGX64                 X, limited acceleration
  Creator3D             X [1], some acceleration
  Elite3D               X [2], limited acceleration
  XVR-100               Radeon 7000 - X, acceleration 
  XVR-1000              FFB3 [3] - X, no acceleration
  XVR-500, XVR-1200     3D Labs [3] - X, no acceleration
  Expert3D/3DLite       3D Labs [4]

[1] seems to suffer from RGB versus BGR in recent X versions (i.e. for
    some programs, blue displays as red, and vice versa).  Partial docs, so
    not all hardware acceleration is available in X.
[2] needs firmware loaded (pkgsrc sysutils/afbinit), partial docs, no 3D
    acceleration, slower than Creator3D for 2D.  Probably has BGR/RGB problem.
[3] Works via wsfb.  Limited to graphics mode set by firmware.  No docs.
[4] I don't think that we support these, but if we do they will be in the
    same category as [3] (wsfb, no docs)

As Martin says, the XVR-100 works well.  However, It's doesn't seem possible
to use the DVI output in the firmware, and DVI is limited to 1280x1024 (VGA
will drive 1920x1200).  The Creator3D is another possibility.  The PGX64 and
PGX32 are older and slower, and with limited resolutions, although they are
supported by X.  I've only tried XVR-100, Creator3D and Elite3D with modern,
flat-panel displays, and all support EDID for display resolution.  PGX32 and
PGX64 probably work if you can set a resolution supported both by the card
and by the display.



PS.  My SB2000 has Creator3D and XVR-100.
  My other computer also runs NetBSD    /        Sailing at Newbiggin
        http://www.netbsd.org/        /   http://www.newbigginsailingclub.org/

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