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re: UltraSPARC III... Stability issue ?

OK, i finally got my SB2000 dusted off and running -current.

i fired off a build.sh -j4, and it eventually crashed with:

data error type 32 sfsr=808004 sfva=41818400 afsr=10100000000000 
afva=13900000060 tf=0x2607efed0
data fault: pc=1010234 addr=41818400 sfsr=0x808004<ASI=0x80,OW>
kernel trap 32: data access error
cpu1: data fault: pc=16068c8 rpc=10f5914 addr=ffffffffffff8000
kernel trap 30: data access exception
Skipping crash dump on recursive panic
panic: cpu0: ipi_send: couldn't send ipi to UPAID 1 (tried 10000 times)
cpu0: Begin traceback...
cpu0: End traceback...

this machine used to be rock-solid stable under much more
severe load (multiple build.sh -j4's.)

i'll see what i can find out.


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