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Re: Xorg on Blade2000

Le 01/04/2014 20:21, Helge Mühlmeier a écrit :


I have a Sun Blade 2000 with a XVR-500 graphic card. I run NetBSD on it.

Is it possible to get X working with those graphic card? Or is there a
card which is NetBSD is able to use to run X?

Creator3D/UPA should work, but I have some trouble with NetBSD 6.1.x that is not stable enough to test. I haven't tested with -current as I only has in my second Blade a XVR500. Kernel seems to be stable on Blade2k (even if I have reported a very strange panic with 6.99.37 I'm unable to reproduce with more recent kernels) but X does not work. Startx produces on my Blade2k a kernel panic but I have no time to investigate (maybe in next couple of weeks...).

That being said, XVR500 is not very weel supported and if it works with X, it only works in 8bbp.



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