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On Sun, 31 Oct 2021 08:05:17 +0100
Romain Dolbeau <romain%dolbeau.org@localhost> wrote:

> > Qemu went with emulating a tgx / S24 (...)
> > SX has instructions to read a 32bit word into four registers  
> Is there some sort of documentation for those? I went with the cg6
> because it's supported by everything, and it had some documentation
> available.

Someone(tm) sent me SX docs, but it's unclear if making them public
will get them in trouble. I doubt Oracle still cares about 1990s
hardware docs but ... it's Oracle.
So for now there's sys/arch/sparc/dev/sxreg.h for registers and
instructions, and sys/arch/sparc/dev/cgfourteen.c and
xsrc/mit/xf86-video-suncg14/dist/src/cg14_accel.c and cg14_render.c for
prior art on using it.

have fun

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