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Re: NetBSD 8.2 Package refresh fails

Hi Greg,

First a foreword, to recap what i am trying to do
- had a 7.x system with packages installed
- upgraded to 8.2
- upgraded binary packages using pkgin
- since not all packages were available (or apparently some old?) I starting doing pkg_rolling-replace to what I believe was the matching pkgsrc release.

I did some checks, given your hint, read below.

Greg Troxel wrote:
Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola%libero.it@localhost> writes:

This line was very important.   You need to not mix 7 and 8 packages.
So any package that was built with 7 needs

   pkg_admin set rebuild=YES pkgname

pkg_rolling-replace(8) has examples, but not this one.   Basically look
for OS_VERSION in each package's +BUILD_INFO file.
Can I have this list generated automatically with a query to the pkg
database somehow? I admit I skipped this step.
Yes, but it's not super obvious, and you'll have to do some shell
scripting.  See the pkg_rr man page and the example about X11 and change
it to be about build host.  Read a bunch of control files by hand to
figure out what you need to grep for.    Once you're done, send it to me
and I'll add it to the man page.

I did look for BUILD_HOST and found out that *none* of the packages was build on 7.x

Some of them are 8.0 (binary packages) and some 8.2, built by me. So the system should be ABI consistent, I suppose.

As a big hammer, you can
   pkg_admin est rebuild=YES \*
but then you have even more rebuilding to do.

That's exactly what I am trying to avoid :-P

I have set up to create binaries and save them, so I can then reinstall
them on another SparcStation!
That's fine, but I don't find that it leads to using them for make
replace when starting from a clean workdir.

I don't know either, there is no further configuration.

Not just workdirs, but binary packages too.  You cannot reuse *anything*
from netbsd-7.

I don't think I am using them, where could be binary packages stored locally? They would be all obsolete.
I just dumped a tarball, I am not following CVS, I don't intend to
continously rebuild, just to have a complete environment.
I think I have 2020Q1, but how do I practically can know? There is no
release file or such
If you don't know, you need to get it again and keep notes.

You really should follow CVS on the branch, so that you can update and
rebuild a package if there are security fixes.  Or even just to get the
latest fixes before you start.

A tag / note would be good. However, I'm pretty sure it is consistent. I do net-mount the same sources also for NetBSD/sparc32 9.0 and NetBSD/sparc64 9.0 and they went through smoothly. Only 8.2 is acting up.

in the meanwhile, can I easily know which installed packages are still
on 7 and not 8?
Start reading the control files in /var/db/pkg.  Seriously, use more and
read them.  In +BUILD_INFO, find the OS_VERSION line.

I confirm that there are no longer any 7.0 packages there, only 8.0 (ready binaries) and 8.2 (self-built)

I installed lintpkgrc and have it runing now, lets see what it says, it will take some time with pkgsrc over NFS.


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