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Re: NetBSD 8.2 Package refresh fails

Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola%libero.it@localhost> writes:

>> This line was very important.   You need to not mix 7 and 8 packages.
>> So any package that was built with 7 needs
>>   pkg_admin set rebuild=YES pkgname
>> pkg_rolling-replace(8) has examples, but not this one.   Basically look
>> for OS_VERSION in each package's +BUILD_INFO file.
> Can I have this list generated automatically with a query to the pkg
> database somehow? I admit I skipped this step.

Yes, but it's not super obvious, and you'll have to do some shell
scripting.  See the pkg_rr man page and the example about X11 and change
it to be about build host.  Read a bunch of control files by hand to
figure out what you need to grep for.    Once you're done, send it to me
and I'll add it to the man page.

As a big hammer, you can
  pkg_admin est rebuild=YES \*
but then you have even more rebuilding to do.

>> ls -l ./.buildlink/include/harfbuzz/hb.h
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  30 Jun 12 13:16
> ./.buildlink/include/harfbuzz/hb.h -> /usr/pkg/include/harfbuzz/hb.h
> looks fine, doesn't it? it also is, the link resolves (trikcy... from
> NFS to a mounted disk... but it works)

yes, looks ok.

>> same error. I had the idea to issue a "make replace" in fonts/harfbuzz,
>> so I manually did a "make replace"
>> ===> Replacing for harfbuzz-2.6.4nb2
>> ===> Updating using binary package of harfbuzz-2.6.4nb2
>> This seems odd.  My impression is that one needs to configure something
>> to have relace use binaries.
> I have set up to create binaries and save them, so I can then reinstall
> them on another SparcStation!

That's fine, but I don't find that it leads to using them for make
replace when starting from a clean workdir.

>> Where is this binary package from,and why are you sure that it was built
>> for 8 and not 7?  Are you really sure the workdir was empty?  Does it
>> not show up from the pkg_admin run for pkg_rr, and what is the value of
>> the unsafe_depends variables?
> I nuked all workdirs! rebuilt harfbuzz...

Not just workdirs, but binary packages too.  You cannot reuse *anything*
from netbsd-7.

> It is really minimal:
>> cat /etc/mk.conf
> MAKE_JOBS=     2
> # define things for pkgsrc
> # create also all dependencies
> DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install
> # work here
> WRKOBJDIR=/home/pkg-workdir
> # save our tarball packages here
> PACKAGES=/disk2/packages

So that is ok, but I don't really see why make replace with a clean
workdir used a bianry.  (Maybe I'm off here.)

> I just dumped a tarball, I am not following CVS, I don't intend to
> continously rebuild, just to have a complete environment.
> I think I have 2020Q1, but how do I practically can know? There is no
> release file or such

If you don't know, you need to get it again and keep notes.

You really should follow CVS on the branch, so that you can update and
rebuild a package if there are security fixes.  Or even just to get the
latest fixes before you start.

>>   set aside all your old binary packages
>>   mark every package that was built on 7 as rebuild=YES
>>   again be careful to do rebuild-tree and get rid of work directories
>>   start rebuilding again
> I can do that, but I somehow wanted a "consistent" upgrade, before
> cycling again, i fear a spiral of death here.

You need to set aside packages for the old OS and mark any installed
package built on the old OS as rebuild=YES before you can start at all.

> I am do not want to rebuild everything - I want to use ready binary
> packages and just integrade what was broken due to openssl breakage
> which I worked around thanks to Romain's help... just the delta.

shlibs from the base OS changed. You cannot do a partial update with any

> in the meanwhile, can I easily know which installed packages are still
> on 7 and not 8?

Start reading the control files in /var/db/pkg.  Seriously, use more and
read them.  In +BUILD_INFO, find the OS_VERSION line.

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