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Re: NetBSD 8.2 Package refresh fails

Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola%libero.it@localhost> writes:

>> As usual, I would suggest
>>   [presumably you marked all built-in-7 packages rebuild=YES]

This line was very important.   You need to not mix 7 and 8 packages.
So any package that was built with 7 needs

  pkg_admin set rebuild=YES pkgname

pkg_rolling-replace(8) has examples, but not this one.   Basically look
for OS_VERSION in each package's +BUILD_INFO file.

>>   if it fails, again nuke all workdirs and try to build the package that
>>   had the failure.   Look at the error messages and what it buildlinked
>>   and ask about that, disconnected from pkg_rr.

Note the "look at buildlink" hint.

> Sicne I build with a separate workdir -- I just wiped it. Sources are
> mounted from NFS... I don't remember if they are 2020Q1 or the previous
> one ( I think) since it is 2 months about I am working on this stuff.
> Still, it is a consistent snapshot.

I think you will find that nobody is interested in debugging anything
other than
  pkgsrc current
  latest quarterly branch, up to date with fixes on the branch

> a new pkg_rolling-replace -uv yielded:
> + gnutls
> + nettle
> - pango
> so interesting it updated two packages after the rebuild-tree!

A clue that your system had db consistency problems.

> Still the error is in pango:
> In file included from
> /home/pkg-workdir/devel/pango/work/pango-1.44.7/pango/pango-font.h:25:0,
>                  from
> /home/pkg-workdir/devel/pango/work/pango-1.44.7/pango/pango-attributes.h:25,
>                  from
> /home/pkg-workdir/devel/pango/work/pango-1.44.7/pango/pango.h:25,
>                  from
> /home/pkg-workdir/devel/pango/work/pango-1.44.7/output/g-ir-cpp-a0y4a44j.c:4:
> /home/pkg-workdir/devel/pango/work/pango-1.44.7/pango/pango-coverage.h:28:16:
> fatal error: hb.h: No such file or directory
> compilation terminated.
> Traceback (most recent call last):

My 8.2ish system has /usr/pkg/include/harfbuzz/hb.h

I would suggest looking for that in the filesystem and also in
work/.buildlink/include, when you are trying to build pango.   When I do
'make configure' in devel/pango, I get a
work/.buildlink/include/harfbuzz/hb.h link that points to the installed file.

> same error. I had the idea to issue a "make replace" in fonts/harfbuzz,
> so I manually did a "make replace"
> ===> Replacing for harfbuzz-2.6.4nb2
> ===> Updating using binary package of harfbuzz-2.6.4nb2

This seems odd.  My impression is that one needs to configure something
to have relace use binaries.

Where is this binary package from,and why are you sure that it was built
for 8 and not 7?  Are you really sure the workdir was empty?  Does it
not show up from the pkg_admin run for pkg_rr, and what is the value of
the unsafe_depends variables?

> What else could I rebuild?

My advice

  make sure you really understand *everything* in your mk.conf, and make
  it minimal, limiting it to what you arelly need.

  update your source tree to the pkgsrc-2020Q2 branch (as I originally

  set aside all your old binary packages

  mark every package that was built on 7 as rebuild=YES

  again be careful to do rebuild-tree and get rid of work directories

  start rebuilding again

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