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Re: Fairly stable -current build, and questions?

Michael Lorenz wrote:
Yes, the omnicube is a four port KVM PS/2 switch - only in console as so far I've not got X up and running. I'll try and provide exact replication steps. The problems aren't isolated to NetBSD, though, as if I boot up Vista x64 SP1 without switching to it on the KVM, it can't see the keyboard, whilst OS/2 won't see the mouse if it's not switched to that on bootup. (I'm waiting for a better 8 port switche to arrive on ebay..).

Ok, so it's not likely a NetBSD problem.

I can't be much more specific about the spontaneous reboot problem - the system won't stay up for longer than a couple of minutes, and running 'grep -i "** NAME"' (or similar, to display the card names) against the X11 Cards file never gets to the end before the system does an instant black screen reboot. It'll generally reboot anyway, but that's the test I'm currently using.

I'll see if I can reproduce it.
Upon trying tonight the bug proves to be more elusive. However, one thing I did do was plug the mouse (a USB one with PS/2 converter) more securely into the KVM.

It's definitely possible to hang the system/stop it accepting input by fiddling around with the KVM. I suppose it's debateable whether or not this is a bug or not, but other operating systems aren't affected in the same way. I'd hazard a guess that the PS/2 code might need a bit more work, but in the absence of some better debugging, this is no more than an educated guess.

The filesystems are all ffs, so non ffs code can't be the issue.



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