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Re: Fairly stable -current build, and questions?

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On Jan 23, 2008, at 07:05, Peter Kay - Syllopsium wrote:

Hi, I'm trying to get a stable-ish release of -current with wscons/ ps2/24bit X going - what's a a good cvs date to use?

Something from about two weeks ago, kernel version 4.99.46. After that a bunch of filesystem locking changes were merged in and there's still considerable fallout. ffs should be stable again but lfs is still broken as far as I know.

Unfortunately it only stays up for a minute or so at a time then spontaneously reboots.. It's easy to replicate by doing a grep for card names on /etc/X11/xf86config/Cards (or similar). I should note that although I've updated the kernel, I haven't updated anything else except config.. problem? I compiled using an unmodified IP3x kernel config file.

Sounds like the kind of fallout mentioned above. Try to update your kernel sources from cvs.

Other questions and notes :

Setting up x - directfb, crmfb or wsfb in xf86config? I'm guessing wsfb manually hacked in xf86config - sure I saw something about this on nekochan or similar somewhere.

Yes, wsfb is what you need and no, since it can't probe for hardware it won't work with things like X -configure. One warning about X though - the O2's onboard video controller uses a fairly odd pixel format, RGBA, kind of what Sun uses with endianness reversed. Many X applications seem to expect the alpha channel in the upper byte and get hopelessly freaked out if it's somewhere else. WindowMaker for instance works just fine while gtk2 applications crash somewhere in Xrender ( not necessarily an Xrender problem since WindowMaker uses it too ). Anything that doesn't use Xrender should just work, and turning off the XRENDER extension in X might help as well.

Noddy question - why isn't a serial term coming up at the same time as wscons when I've set the 16550 serial driver on port 0 to 'on' in /etc/ttys? Is there another device that should be used instead or am I being thick?

Good question, the gettys on the serial ports should come up at the same time as on virtual consoles.

Kudos for getting 40MB/s transfer out of the disks - I don't think that's applicable to Gentoo, Debian or the last snapshot I tried of OpenBSD.

That's just a misplaced check for a terminator which is applicable to ahc /cards/ but not these particular onboard SCSI controllers. We simply do what IRIX does - skip it on the O2 and enable 20MHz transfers.

Shutdown/poweroff is still knackered as mentioned in other posts

That's another problem - the ahc driver's power management support is hosed. I'll commit a preliminary fix later today.

Power button doesn't do anything

Never did. Someone(tm) needs to figure out which interrupt it fires and then register it with sysmon.

It *really* doesn't like my Belkin Omnicube switchbox - I've managed to have characters repeating all over the screen, it knackering the keyboard somehow so that upon switching back to other systems the keyboard doesn't work.

That's a KVM switch? And do you see this in X or on the console or what?

Thanks for all the work that's gone into this; I'm a bit of a fan of BSD based Unix, although this is the first time I've touched NetBSD rather than OpenBSD.

Next time please be a little more specific. Like, what hardware are you using? I can guess you're talking about some O2 but that's just a guess. Is it an R10k or an R5k model? Doesn't really matter right now but it might later on. Then, your problem descriptions are a bit vague - to analyze the problem we need to know what exactly happened ( or didn't happen ) when exactly under what circumstances on what exact kind of hardware.

have fun
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