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Re: Fairly stable -current build, and questions?

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On Jan 23, 2008, at 09:38, Peter Kay - Syllopsium wrote:

It's an O2 with an R5000 180Mhz 512Kb cache, 128MB RAM and 9GB disk. A/V board, although that shouldn't make a difference. If necessary, I also have an O2 with R5000 200MHz 1MB cache with 400ish MB RAM I could just slot the disk in to test.

The kernel I built was right up to date with cvs, but I'll try again by updating from code a couple of weeks back.

That's at least what my O2 is running and I don't see that spontaneous reboot problem ( it's a 200MHz R5k with 256MB RAM )

Yes, the omnicube is a four port KVM PS/2 switch - only in console as so far I've not got X up and running. I'll try and provide exact replication steps. The problems aren't isolated to NetBSD, though, as if I boot up Vista x64 SP1 without switching to it on the KVM, it can't see the keyboard, whilst OS/2 won't see the mouse if it's not switched to that on bootup. (I'm waiting for a better 8 port switche to arrive on ebay..).

Ok, so it's not likely a NetBSD problem.

I can't be much more specific about the spontaneous reboot problem - the system won't stay up for longer than a couple of minutes, and running 'grep -i "** NAME"' (or similar, to display the card names) against the X11 Cards file never gets to the end before the system does an instant black screen reboot. It'll generally reboot anyway, but that's the test I'm currently using.

I'll see if I can reproduce it.

I'll double check which filesystems I'm using, as I'm running seperate /, /usr, /tmp, /var and /home. /etc is obviously on / partition and thus ffs, so greping a file on /etc is probably a red herring. As mentioned though, the kernel is the only file I've updated from 4.0 (the bootloader still displays 4.0-RC4 - I'm guessing this is not an issue).

Well, unlike earlier releases there is some incompatibility after 4.0 which can't be easily dealt with by adding some other kernel option - the whole threading support changed. So, if you need threaded programs then you need a new libpthread that matches the kernel but I doubt that grep uses it at all so it's more likely filesystem related.

have fun
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