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Fairly stable -current build, and questions?

Hi, I'm trying to get a stable-ish release of -current with wscons/ps2/24bit X going - what's a a good cvs date to use?

I started with a boot CD of 4.0-RC4 (latest available) and updated with 4.0 from the ftp server. This didn't include the above functionality, so I retrieved the latest tardist (about mid January). This fails to build with Irix compatibility enabled, so I updated on CVS. Hurrah - a kernel builds!

Unfortunately it only stays up for a minute or so at a time then spontaneously reboots.. It's easy to replicate by doing a grep for card names on /etc/X11/xf86config/Cards (or similar). I should note that although I've updated the kernel, I haven't updated anything else except config.. problem? I compiled using an unmodified IP3x kernel config file.

Other questions and notes :

Setting up x - directfb, crmfb or wsfb in xf86config? I'm guessing wsfb manually hacked in xf86config - sure I saw something about this on nekochan or similar somewhere. Noddy question - why isn't a serial term coming up at the same time as wscons when I've set the 16550 serial driver on port 0 to 'on' in /etc/ttys? Is there another device that should be used instead or am I being thick?

Kudos for getting 40MB/s transfer out of the disks - I don't think that's applicable to Gentoo, Debian or the last snapshot I tried of OpenBSD.
Shutdown/poweroff is still knackered as mentioned in other posts
Power button doesn't do anything
It *really* doesn't like my Belkin Omnicube switchbox - I've managed to have characters repeating all over the screen, it knackering the keyboard somehow so that upon switching back to other systems the keyboard doesn't work. Is NetBSD using PS/2 scan code set 2 or 3? I've got some very odd keymappings, although this is probably due in a large part to my somewhat odd keyboard, which is a hardwired Dvorak UK layout. Normally I should be able to just select 'uk english' as a layout and have everything work ok, however shift 3 is producing a hash.

Thanks for all the work that's gone into this; I'm a bit of a fan of BSD based Unix, although this is the first time I've touched NetBSD rather than OpenBSD.

Peter Kay

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