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Re: Delay slots

On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 01:09:57AM -0400, Michael wrote:
 > > I think "delay slot" is a specific term with a different meaning.
 > > Mostly it refers to the bizarre handling of the instruction
 > > immediately following a branch instruction (other than
 > > branch-likely). In MIPS-1 it also shows up in loads, but that
 > > disappeared a very long time ago.
 > MIPS-II I think. Or was it 'implementation specific'?

MIPS-II according to all the documentation, but not according to my
experience years ago with an emulator that tried to enforce load delay
slots and the Ultrix compiler. (We were using the Ultrix compiler on
R3000-based decstations and it was issuing code that worked natively
and assumed pipeline interlocks for reads.) I have no idea how to
reconcile this.

David A. Holland

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