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disklabel (was: install files on mac UFS partition) mac mini G4)

Hi Valery, all,

On 07.11.21 02:38, Valery Ushakov wrote:
- I managed to format the first partition in HFS format and put
ofwboot.elf and ofwboot.xcf on it

Why?  Do you plan to dual-boot with OS X?  ISTR you mentioned you
don't, so why go through the unnecessary hoops?  All to end up with a
filesystem for the bootloaders that you cannot write to natively too.

Do you mean to use a FAT partition?

My main concern is that I then need to delete/overwrite the Apple Partition Map, and I didn't know if I would be able to put it back, if that was needed.

(In the mean time, some body on the matrix room on netbsd proposed to do a 'dd' of the first few sectors of the disk so I had a copy.

Anycase, ofwboot.xcf does boot from my UFS partition, so I think that is not the issue anymore. The problem is the 2nd step: get ofwboot to load and start the netbsd kernel (which is on the FFS partition).

Some blogs indicate that the '.xcf' version is buggy and that you
must use the 'elf' version, while other do use the '.xcf' in the
final configuration?

On Mini G4 the XCF version exhibits a bug where it cannot load kernels
larger than a certain size, so netbsd-GENERIC.gz would boot, but
uncompressed netbsd-GENERIC wouldn't.  thorpej@ was fixing memory
management issues in this area in -current a while back, so may be
it's fixed already, I don't know.

OK, thanks for the info.

Somebody in the matrix chat-room yesterday noted that the output of 3disklabel" was quite weird:
- no "c" partition
- type; unknown
- label: fictitious
- flags:
(no flags)

Can somebody who has a mac-mini post the output of the command "disklabel" so I can compare with what I have on my box?

I also found that I pdisk and disklabel give different results.

This is the pdisk table:
	type		name	length		base
1	Apple_Part_map	Apple	17		1
2	Apple_HFS	boot	1600		24
3	Apple_UNIX_SVR2	root	73398720	1624
4	Apple_UNIX_SVR2	swap	3907585		73400344

This is what I get with disklabel:
	size		offset		fstype
a	1600		24		ufs
b	4410496		73729664	swap
d	73728000	1664		4.2BSD

Shouldn't the "length" vs. "size", and "base" vs. "offset" be the sane for the root and the swap partitions?

Is this normal?

Kr. Bonne

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