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Re: VirtualBox Guest Drivers

Who has copyright on it?

Well, I'm not sure. The diff has three kinds of changes

 - Very simple patches to existing files:
   adding suitable #if defined here and there, and such

 - Simple patches to existing files:
   Config.kmk has seen a bit more work, but not much

 - New files:

   VBoxGuest-netbsd.c; although it seems this was originally copied from
   VBoxGuest-freebsd.c and then adapted to NetBSD in GSOC, and then fixed by

   drm, but this is based on vbox_drm.c that is in NetBSD src/sys, by
   Jared McNeill. I did change it to drm2.

   r0drv; this was all done initially in the GSOC, and then fixed by me. But
   here also it seems all the files were copied from FreeBSD and then

The initial GSOC project was done by Haomai Wang. Even though the GSOC result
was basically unusable, my changes in r0drv and VBoxGuest-netbsd.c were
not that big to make things go. I have no idea how copyright works with stuff
that is mostly patches, and with stuff that is copy-paste from other work and
then patched.

Most of my work here has gone into finding the places to patch, and that is
definitely not copyright material.


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