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Re: VirtualBox Guest Drivers


I have updated my patch for VirtualBox Guest Drivers to VirtualBox 4.3.16.
The patch is available here:


See my previous mail for instructions:

Besides newer VirtualBox version, the patch has the following changes:

 - Works only on sufficiently recent NetBSD: requires drmkms and cdevsw.discard.
   However, on older NetBSD cdevsw.discard can simply be left out, and vboxdrm
   is of course not requried.

 - vboxdrm kernel module uses DRM2 and vboxvideo X11 driver uses DRI2, and
   3D works.

As a result of the changes I got 3D working, or at least glxgears now works correctly.
There is one problem with this, because 3D does not work out of the box, and NetBSD
libGL requires compiling with lower optimization level.
When I first tried, glxinfo and glxgears segfaulted in __glXClientInfo function.
I compiled libGL with debugging info, and gdb showed that the crash occured right at
the start of the function (at "{"). I then compiled glxcmds.c with no optimization
to get better information, but surprisingly after that gl started to work.

Shared folders are still not supported.

I wouldn't mind of Someone from NetBSD would try to work with upstream to get the
work integrated into VirtualBox. After all bulk of the work is the result of the
NetBSD VirtualBox GSOC project.


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