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Re: geting linux TLS working

On Oct 26,  5:07am, cube%cubidou.net@localhost (Quentin Garnier) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: geting linux TLS working

| No.  Have you read the comment that is right before those defines?  That
| said, maybe that order can be changed, but I guess it would have to
| include the five same descriptors.  Andrew will know better.

I will wait an answer from Andrew.

| Also, -5 will have a hack there for COMPAT_SA, and I'm pretty sure that
| makes it unworkable with this change.

This is about the hard-coding of the segment descriptors in
the context setting code in libpthread in 3.x? The library should
be fixed, not the kernel. Let's pull up the change now and put
a note in the release notes that you need the new libpthread for 5.0
to work.


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