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Re: boot(8) diffs

On Sun, 12 Oct 2008, Marcin M. Jessa wrote:
I dont know why but I with the latest patch I can see following text when I boot my computer:
Fn: diskn
What I did was running fdisk -B and fdisk -i and installboot on wd0a
I think I may have run installdisk on wd0d as well (the entire disk)

See the description of the -B option in man fdisk; it explicitly does this.

That's strange. Without -B I never got any menu to chose kernel from and (the 1.st stage bootloader?) the system said there was no OS to boot. I have Linux and NetBSD on the same drive but if I understood the man pages correctly there can be only one active partition and then
the 2.nd stage bootloader takes care of what O.S to boot.
Why then using -B would print some garbage and not just jump into my active partition?

"Fn: diskn" isn't garbage. It's short for "press function key n to boot from disk n"; the mbr code is extremely space limited, so terseness is a necessity.


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