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Re: Ericsson MC16

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 06:04:09PM +0100, Philipp Rosenkranz wrote:
> a little overview:
> * Bootloader is working (hpcboot200.exe; you can find it in the CVS)
> * NetBSD lacks of CPU and Platform specific code

Indeed, hpcboot200.exe works. It is build 12, that to the best of
my knowledge is recent enough, I use build 13 on my HP620LX.
Unfortunately, my MC16 didn't boot the kernel that works in HP620LX,
all I got was a garbled screen for a while, before I got a reset
of some kind. I had to manually reset the MC16 to get back to winCE.
The garbled screen might be alright, it looks strange on my HP620LX
too before the kernel is booted, but the reset was disappointing.

Christer O. Andersson

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