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Re: Ericsson MC16

(oops, i forgot to cc ...)

Julian Stacey schrieb:

>> Hi  port-hpcsh%netbsd.org@localhost
>> cc: Jukka Jalkanen <jukka%jalkanen.cx@localhost>
>> Anyone know if NetBSD or Linux supports the Ericsson MC16 ?

a little overview:

* Bootloader is working (hpcboot200.exe; you can find it in the CVS)
* NetBSD lacks of CPU and Platform specific code
* Linux has the CPU Code but lacks the Platform specific code too

>> I got one yesterday, & know very little yet, except bits of text
>> I gleaned with Google eg:
>> " The Ericsson MC16 is pretty much the same as the HP 360LX"
>> http://www.m17n.org/linux-sh/ml/linux-sh/2000-01/msg00026.html
>> Julian jhs%berklix.com@localhost

best regards



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