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Re: Key auto-repeat not working in X

This is weird. Now I am wondering if perhaps it is something in the
server setup. I know I get some errors on startup, and one of them
tells me X is using the default console keyboard. I'll see if I can
find the exact error next time I start up, and maybe someone will have
an idea.

Hmmm, that is a difference. I get no errors, but a message telling me:

keyboard: /dev/ttyE0 (RAW XT keyboard)
key repeat: 400/100 ms.
keymap: us(pc105)

I get a couple of error messages regarding inet6, which I have not set up. Then I get

/dev/ttyE0: 640x240 (1280 bytes/line) 16bit offset=0
user RAW XT keyboard, /dev/ttyE0

Nothing at all about keyrepeat or keymap.

What does your wscons.conf look like? I might look into installing the userland image you emailed me. I'll have to find what I did with it.
Is there a way to display which userland I am running?


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