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Re: z50 battery oddity

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Khoa Tran <piper_the%hotmail.com@localhost> 
>  Interesting thought! But the z50 batteries are definitely li-ion, 
> unfortunately.

I know very little about rechargeable batteries.  Would the z50 using
li-ion cells make a difference?
If there were indeed AA li-ions in the battery pack, why couldn't they
be swapped out for something like NiMH batteries?  I am under the
impression that AA batteries have a standard voltage and amperage so
are modular, though based in your comments, I am starting to feel that
this is not the case.

Additionally, it seems that many laptop batteries are repackaged
li-ion AA batteries: see http://lowendmac.com/musings/06/0908.html
So, couldn't one just swap for some higher quality li-ions, if the
type of rechargeable battery does indeed matter?

Elijah Rutschman

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