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RE: z50 battery oddity

Interesting thought! But the z50 batteries are definitely li-ion, unfortunately.

I also have the AA battery-holder for the z50, but with NiMH cells, you get a 
nominal 8 x 1.2V = 9.6 V, and this clearly sets off the "critical" battery 
warning in NetBSD. Since then, I've been trying to hack the hpcbatterytable.h 
file to find more ideal values to "calibrate" things, but I find that the 
"vertical bars of death" that occur when suspending-resuming with the 
experimental LCD blanking support in the kernel might be what's causing another 
curious problem of window focus getting all screwed up in X.

Clearly, there are still things to work out on this platform :)


> Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 10:43:04 -0500
> From: elijahr%gmail.com@localhost
> To: piper_the%hotmail.com@localhost
> Subject: Re: z50 battery oddity
> CC: port-hpcmips%netbsd.org@localhost
> I've heard that some of those old handheld PC (and laptop) batteries
> (I don't know any details about the z50 specifically) are just
> rechargeable AA's in a plastic shell... I don't suggest you go
> cracking it open to find out, but, it might be worth researching.
> In that case you could just swap out for some new rechargeable AA's,
> and maybe even get better battery life than the original.
> -Elijah

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