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Re: updated restorecd script (Re: NetBSD 4.0 Restore CD for Cobalt)

venture37%hotmail.com@localhost wrote:

> Izumi, there are a couple of minor errors in this revision
> In the README file you still reference 4.0 RC4 in the paths for fetching the 
> sources
> & in section 3
> % tar -C data/cobalt/usr/pkg -zxf download/e2fsprogs-1.32.tgz sbin/mke2fs
> usr/pkg doesn't exists in data/cobalt

Hmm, I think I've updated README too, and mke2fs is no longer used.
Aren't you referring README in an old tar.gz archive?

> Apart from that everything is a-ok

Thanks for testing!
Izumi Tsutsui

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