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Re: armv5 userland broken


On 2021/06/30 16:39, Nick Hudson wrote:

On 30/06/2021 07:22, Nick Hudson wrote:
Great work!

On 29/06/2021 08:13, Rin Okuyama wrote:

I've examined assembler codes for userland libraries for arm:
common/lib/libc, csu, libc, compiler_rt, and libm, and found that
some routines in compiler_rt do not align sp correctly:


Also, some routines in libc do not also in Thumb-mode userland:


I think it's better / less ugly to push even numbers of registers rather
than adjusting sp (especially for thumb)

How about this diff? (untested)

I've dropped callee saved registers from the compiler_rt code as (I
think) they're unused.

Thank you very much for the patch. Much cleaner than before!

As you pointed out, r7 is unused for compiler_rt codes at the moment.

The reason why I hesitated to drop r7 is: the codes will be strangely
broken when the upstream changes their mind to use r7 again.

But your version seems much nicer. I will submit the patch to the
upstream immediately after you commit it to our tree.

I will carry out ATF with your patch for some architectures.


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