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armv5 userland broken

After the gcc switch I can't boot my kirkwood based v5 machines any more:

[  22.9299712] root on
[  22.9299712] kern.module.path=/stand/evbarm/9.99.85/modules
[  23.5099833] data_abort_handler: data_aborts fsr=0x1 far=0xbfffe8bc
init: `/bi[  23.8399836] data_abort_handler: data_aborts fsr=0x1 far=0xbfffe5cc
init: fatal signal: Bus error

I get e.g. a sh.core but that just says:

Program terminated with signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
#0  0xbbed53c8 in ?? ()

... so not very helpfull.


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