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Re: 2021-05-14-netbsd-raspi-aarch64.img

From: Michael <macallan1888%gmail.com@localhost>
Subject: Re: 2021-05-14-netbsd-raspi-aarch64.img
Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 20:17:10 -0400

>> I've updated 2021-05-14-netbsd-raspi-aarch64.img.gz for RPI4.
>> - UEFI v1.26
>>  https://github.com/pftf/RPi4/releases
> Most likely this will work on a RPi 400 as well - the UEFI firmware
> supports it since 1.25 and that's pretty much all it took to get NetBSD
> to boot on mine.

Thanx for your Report!

to use ver.1.26 firmware,I've changed RPI_EFI.fd from default.

Advanced Configration
-> Limit RAM to 3GB     Disabled
... to recognize over 4GB.

SD/MMC Configration
-> uSD/eMMC Routing     Arasan SDHCI
... netbsd kernel can find sdmmc0 with newer firmware then 1.17.
Jun Ebihara

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