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Re: NetBSD evbarm - Help with Raspberry Pi 4 installation and build

From what I remember, NetBSD-9 didn't support RPi4, only
NetBSD-current. The install process was quite weird - you had to
download boot firmware and copy that to DOS partition, then there was
a bug with NetBSD kernel where it wouldn't boot properly, unless you
selected "serial console" in firmware option, I don't remember the
details now or if the bug has been fixed. Not tried booting it from
USB. NetBSD also lacks support for UASP, so if you plan on using SSD
via USB3, you'll be limited by the BOT protocol

Not sure how well latest NetBSD works on RPi4, but at the time I found
NetBSD not stable/polished enough on RPi4. I've been using OpenSuse
Linux, it works quite well. The Leap release only boots from micro sd
card, so I use Tumbleweed instead which can boot from USB. I've been
running it for a bit and seems to be pretty stable. I use Samsung T7
SSD drive via USB3 port and it makes a huge difference to how
responsive the system feels.

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