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Re: Porting NetBSD to Hardkernel ODROID HC2

On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 04:51:26PM +0200, philiptingberg%tutanota.com@localhost wrote:
> I recently bought an ODROID HC2 and figured this might be as good a
> time as any to try NetBSD. Since it's based on the ODROID XU4 platform
> I erroneously assumed the image for XU4 would work out of the box for
> the HC2 as well. It installs but it doesn't seem to find my harddrive
> (doesn't show up in dmesg). Since installing I have learned that the
> XU4 doesn't have any SATA ports. The SATA port on the HC2 is connected
> through a USB to SATA bridge called JMicron JMS578.

Last week I booted the NetBSD 9 image for ODROID-XU3/XU4 off armbsd.org on
a HC1.  That detected the USB to SATA bridge just fine.  I don't remember
if I tried to transfer data.
I also booted the NetBSD -current image off armbsd.org and that did not
detect the USB to SATA bridge.  There was some USB related error in the
kernel messages that I didn't bother to write down because it is easy to

Obviously there's some regression since NetBSD 9.

I noticed that the Armbian uboot loads a different DTB file on the
hc1/hc2.  Maybe that would make a difference.  If not, then there is some
kernel debugging to be done.

I haven't looked at what exactly would be necessary to use the different
DTB.  So I can't give you concrete advice.


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