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Re: Porting NetBSD to Hardkernel ODROID HC2

If you can find the proper DTB file for the HC2 and compare it with the 

> one from the XU4, and if they're not that different, then you can likely 
> just add the entries for the USB that has the SATA. It's not exactly 
> trivial, but there are some guides and how-tos on the Internet.
> If you post what you learn here, chances are good someone here will help, 
> too :)
> John
I've actually made some progress on my own just today. Since it's all usb it occured to me that I might learn something from just plugging in a usb drive and se what dmesg says (I should have done this way earlier I know). It turns out that the usb drive shows up in dmesg and so did my hard drive! So all I have to do now is to come up with some way to make it check for usb drives at start up, or somehow trick it into thinking something was plugged in right after booting.

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