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Raspberry Pi 2s

Good morning all, 
After a long break from fiddling with computers, middle-age has set in and so I've decided to look at a few bits and pieces again. I have managed to smuggle two Raspberry Pi 2's into the house without the missus noticing! 

I've had a quick scan of the mailing list archive - I do apologise if I'm repeated any previous threads.

Firstly the kit that is popular on Amazon UK for the 2 model B has a Ralink wireless dongle included. The Dongle attaches as a ugen0 - I cannot get any of the Ralink drivers to work with it (think that run* would be the most suitable). I believe it is a Ralink 5370. Has anyone got any further? If someone on the list wants to have a go at a driver, please let me know as I may be able to help with it.

Secondly I am having trouble with an intermittent fault. I'm seeing the system get itself into a tizz particularly when compiling packages. C++ tickles it more. After a random period of time, the system cannot read the file system properly, there appears to be issues reading blocks, sometimes C output files are garbled (they will not link). From the shell, I cannot run anything - I get "remote access failed". Furthermore the shell builtin "kill -9 1" won't even take the box down. Resetting the pi fixes everything and if I remove the garbled objects, usually I can push the system through to making a binary package.

I read somewhere in the archive that there were timing issues on reading SD cards. Could this be related to the above issue?

All the best

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