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Re: 1 lingering question ....

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>> On platforms with a bootloader that lets you select a kernel, 
>> typically drop in as a new name and select it at boot time. In
>> your case you may have to rename awy the old kernel and put it in
>> as /netbsd.
> Hmmmm .... there in no /netbsd on the system now. There are 2
> kernels under /boot, kernel.img & kernel7.img (straight off of
> rpi.gzimg file I downloaded a few days ago, no mods by me) .... I
> also don't have a monitor hooked up now, did when it was back in my
> work room, so I can't choose a kernel if I wanted to :-/ ....

Hi, here is how I do it:

save the old kernel: cp /boot/kernel.img /boot/kernel.img.old

then download the file netbsd-RPI.bin.gz, unzip it and move the file
to /boot/kernel.img .

The other, somewhat bigger file netbsd-RPI.gz contains the kernel in
another format that can be converted to Raspberry's this way (as far
as I remember):

	objcopy -S -O binary netbsd kernel.img

This produces the file in netbsd-RPI.bin.gz.

The modules will unpack in an own directory for each kernel version,
so don't mind about that, no need for backups here.

If the new kernel doesn't work, you can still cp and mv the kernels in
the boot-partition with any other system, so there should be little risk.

But unfortunately I don't see any way to choose between different
kernels at boot time.

Hope this helps,
Joerg Wiegand
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