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Re: 1 lingering question ....

On 8 April 2015 at 23:42, William A. Mahaffey III <wam%hiwaay.net@localhost> wrote:
> On 04/08/15 09:27, David Brownlee wrote:
>> On 8 April 2015 at 14:44, William A. Mahaffey III <wam%hiwaay.net@localhost> wrote:
>>>> As a quick test you might want to try booting a -current kernel on
>>>> your B+ to see if it is happy (you should not need to change any other
>>>> config or binaries). Latest builds from
>>>> http://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-daily/HEAD/ if you do not want to
>>>> build your own.
>>>> I would expect that the RTC support would be pulled up into netbsd-7
>>>> before release, but I'm not the one to say for certain :)
>>> Thanks for your reply, I don't want to build my own, don't trust myself
>>> there just yet. What do I do to use that prebuilt binary ? I have poked
>>> around that directory recently & all I saw was full images or .txy files,
>>> would I be using some of those or something else ? TIA & thanks again.
>> The kernels live in the binary/kernel subdir, so (currently) assuming
>> you are using the evbarm-earmv6hf distribution, that would be from
>> http://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-daily/HEAD/201504080720Z/evbarm-earmv6hf/binary/kernel/
>> (The 201504080720Z will change over time :)
> OK, I'm there as I write this, do I want the .bin.gz or the plain .gz kernel
> file ? Then what, uncompress it & overwrite my current kernel, or make a
> parallel directory & put it there ? Remember, I am a noob at this & at
> NetBSD in gen'l ....
> Update: I downloaded & unzipped the plain .gz.file, which uncompresses into
> an executable for ARM:
> [wam@kabini1, ~, 5:38:53pm] 331 % file Downloads/Raspberry/netbsd-RPI
> Downloads/Raspberry/netbsd-RPI: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1
> (SYSV), statically linked, for NetBSD 7.99.9, not stripped
> [wam@kabini1, ~, 5:39:02pm] 332 %
> Now what, overwrite my (running) netBSD-7 kernel, create a parallel
> directory, something else (like maybe find this stuff in the handbook, I'll
> get on that) ? Any time-saving clues appreciated :-) ....

On platforms with a bootloader that lets you select a kernel,
typically drop in as a new name and select it at boot time. In your
case you may have to rename awy the old kernel and put it in as

Do you have another system you an mount the SD card in and mount &
rename back on the (unlikely) case something goes wrong? :)

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