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Re: better late than never: amigappc progress

On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 16:25:20 +0200
Jukka Andberg <jandberg%welho.com@localhost> wrote:

> On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 14:50:07 +0100 Frank Wille wrote:
> > That's bad. Seems there is no memory mapped to 0xfff00000 (or it is
> > [...]
> Curious. Half a meg fast memory did go somewhere in my case, though. See
> below.

Indeed. Maybe it is at 0xfff00000, but the A1200's 68060- or ppc.library
protects the area from the M68k.

The 68k boot code is copied to 0xfff03000 with CopyMem() while multi-
tasking and MMU are still enabled, so it might help to switch everything
off first.

> I had two SIMMs, 32M and 4M. I inserted each separately in different
> memory slots on BPPC. So there were four different test cases in total.
> [...]

Ahhh, thanks! The formatting was gone, so I got confused.

So it's true that the first slot grows downwards and the second slot
grows upwards.

> Case 3: 4MB SIMM alone in first slot:
>   Memory Address: $57C00020  Size: $0037FFE0 (3583K)      Type=$00
> Case 4: 4MB SIMM alone in second slot:
>   Memory Address: $68000020  Size: $0037FFE0 (3583K)      Type=$00

But that's ugly! I wonder what happens when you put in a 4 MB SIMM
together with the 32 MB SIMM? I hope the memory is contiguous?

Frank Wille

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