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Re: better late than never: amigappc progress

On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 13:16:27 +0200
Jukka Andberg <jandberg%welho.com@localhost> wrote:

> > > Enforcer shows hits to 0xfff03100+.
> > [...]
> I put the log up here:
> http://koti.welho.com/jandberg/amigappc/enforcer.txt

That's bad. Seems there is no memory mapped to 0xfff00000 (or it is
protected). A CSPPC will hardware-map the last 512k of its Fast-RAM
there. The PowerPC needs this region for exception vectors, so it should
be the same for BPPC...?

> > I never owned an A1200 and I know nothing about the memory mapping in
> > BPPC cards. Is the address space allocated from 0x80000000 down or from
> > 0x70000000 up? Is it always the same with all BPPC verions?
> No idea on the general case, but I get lots of variations just on my
> machine.

A statement like BPPC memory is always between 0x70000000 and 0x80000000
would already be enough. :)

> There are two memory slots on the BPPC. I tried with two
> different SIMMs. 

In this example you inserted two 32MB SIMMs?

> As reported by Enforcer's VERBOSE option:
> 32MB:
>   ROM Physical:   $00F80000  Size: $00080000 (512K)       Type=$FF

> Memory Address: $76000020  Size: $01F7FFE0 (32255K)     Type=


> Board Address:  $00F00C04  Size: $00020000
> (128K)       Type=$D2 CACHE DISABLED

Probably BVPPC registers. CVPPC/BVPPC are unfortunately not supported.

> CARD Detected: $00600000   Size: $00440002 (4352K)
>               CACHE DISABLED

Probably PCMCIA.

> 32MB in other slot (I'm
> omitting the unchanged lines): Memory Address: $78000020  Size: $01F7FFE0
> (32255K)     Type=$00 CACHEABLE

So that's your second 32MB module?
Looks like memory in the first slot extends down from $78000000 and in
the second slot up from $78000000. Tsts... :)

> 4MB:
>   Memory Address: $57C00020  Size: $0037FFE0 (3583K)      Type=$00
> CACHEABLE 4MB in other slot:
>   Memory Address: $68000020  Size: $0037FFE0 (3583K)      Type=$00

What's that? Maybe BVPPC video RAM? But there should be more...

> ... autodetection sounds good. :)

Ignatios Souvatzis suggested to automatically relocate the kernel when
loaded. I'm thinking about it. The rest would be easy and the kernel
could autodetect everything when running.

Frank Wille

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