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Re: better late than never: amigappc progress

Frank Wille wrote:

> If you, or somebody else, really wants to test it, you will need
> "gobsdppc" (a modification of Michael van Elst's gobsd) to boot a
> kernel. I will put it on the FTP server tomorrow.

gobsdppc is now available now under

As a first step you probably want to build a kernel and see if it boots at
all (gobsdppc askroot). Then you could make some new paritions for
amigappc, newfs them, and unpack the binary sets with NetBSD/amiga (don't
forget to run MAKEDEV).

For later analyzation amigappc writes the msgbuf to 0xfff70000, which you
may want to inspect after rebooting into AmigaOS.

Does somebody have a BPPC? ;)

Frank Wille

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