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loadbsd can boot DraCo / partial 1.2_ALPHA snapshot

Hello all...

- I uploaded an enhanced version of loadbsd (version 2.14), which can
boot Amiga and DraCo machines, to

ftp.netbsd.org  pub/NetBSD/arch/amiga/utils/loadbsd.gz

Europeans can try theory.cs.uni-bonn.de, same directory, instead.

- You should use the kernel, (if freshly installing/fully upgrading)
miniroot filesystems and binaries from


on the same machines, at least until newer ones are available.

If you use the installation/upgrade scripts on the provided
inst-12_ALPHA.fs / upgr-12_ALPHA.fs, you should first rename the
binary distribution archives you want to install/upgrade from .tar.gz
suffix to .aa suffix.

[Yes, the secr and game distributions are missing from this. I can't
legally obtain and compile the original secr, and I would need to
repartition to fetch "game" sources and compile.]

--> Note that this is an Alpha test snapshot. <--

Problems can be mailed to me, asked about on this mailing list or,
better yet, submitted to the problem report database with the fine
send-pr tool.

Regards, and good luck,

        Ignatios Souvatzis

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