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ld shared object

Hi, everyone.

I have some difficulties to build shared library under NetBSD-amiga. The 
gcc flag -shared and -fpic informs compiler to build PIC and shared 
object, in which _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE and _DYNAMIC global symbol shall be 
defined. So I do like these: gcc -shared -fpic -Wl,-M -o lib***.so.1.0 **.o 
**.o >out. The compiler compiler complains: RRS text relocate at ***... So I 
use:gcc -shared -fpic -Wl,-r,-M -o lib***.so.1.0 **.o **.o>out. The build 
is fine without error. However, after I check out file to see the defined 
global symbols, both _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE and _DYNAMIC are undefined. Did 
I do something wrong? what flag shall I pass to compiler ot link to make 
it work?

Any help is appreciated.


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