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Re: Default EMACS_TYPE in pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

> On Sat, 19 Aug 2023 02:18:51 +0900
> Izumi Tsutsui <> wrote:
>> The default "EMACS_TYPE" value for pkgsrc/editors/emacs
>> to determine emacs version is still emacs26:
>> Is there any reason to stick on the older version?
> I think it makes sense to bump it to emacs28.
> emacs29 brings in several new dependencies and although it works
> fine for me, people might not like the new default dependencies.

(emacs 29 is not even a month old.)

Agreed that avoiding emacs29 for this branch seems prudent and that
therefore emacs28 seems good.  I looked and ahve been running 28 for a

> I also would like to know if there are still users of the archaic
> emacs versions we keep around or if they are dead weight?
> emacs20 already had it's 20th birthday.

I remember using 17!   But seriously, my impression is that:

  I think I remember that there is at least one serious user of emacs20
  because of its much lower footprint.

  I am really not clear on if anybody cares about 21-nox11/21, but it's
  obviously special as 22,23,24 are not in tree.   I dimly remember some
  reason why somebody wants it but it's really hazy in my mind.

  emacs25 seems crufty at this point, first released in 2016, and 26,
  released in 2018.  I doubt many want to run them.

  27 was released in 2020 and likely still has users.

  28 was released in 2022 and I consider it the standard approach as 29
  is brand new and a .0, even though they call it .1

This thread is about changing the default, so anyone who would object to
removal might have ignored it.  If you would like to:

  propose deleting 21, then please have a look at archives because I bet
  we've talked about it, and a removal proposal 

  propose deleting 25 or 26, please send a removal proposal

  <humor>propose deleting 27 or 28: please don't :-)</>
I am not sure that 20 and 21 is causing much trouble and I am not
anxious to remove.  25 and 26 don't seem to bring any value, but I could
be off.

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