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Re: otter-browser in 2022Q3 missing dependency on libterminfo (Bodie) writes:

>just checked yesterday on NetBSD 10 current from that day to install 
>otter-browser via pkgin. All went fine, but I was not able to start the 
>application as it was complaining about missing and ldd 
>output confirms that.

The binary packages on the ftp site are built for NetBSD-9 (and NetBSD-8)
that came with

To use these packages for NetBSD-10 you can do one of 3 things:

- build and install the emulators/compat90 package that
  adds NetBSD-9 libraries.
- build the package yourself on a NetBSD-10 system.
- wait for NetBSD-10 packages to appear on the ftp server.

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