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Re: lang/gcc10 is missing libasan because patches not ported forward

On Sat 17 Dec 2022 at 20:08:34 +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> Next two hurdles:
> This sanitizer is not compatible with enabled ASLR
> ==19445==ASan runtime does not come first in initial library list; you
> should either link runtime to your application or manually preload it
> with LD_PRELOAD.
> The first seems a new limitation?  In any case this makes the sanitizer
> a lot less useful.

Indeed. The base system compiler from NetBSD 9.2 works fine with the
memory sanitizer (and it detects memory leaks in __cxa_atexit_internal).
And it doesn't make me disable ASLR.

With my patches, lang/gcc10 works as well as lang/gcc8, that is to say,
it doesn't. If it wants libasan first in the library list, why doesn't
gcc link it like that, I would wonder.

This is the point where I give up and
collects my patches.

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