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Re: otter-browser in 2022Q3 missing dependency on libterminfo

> just checked yesterday on NetBSD 10 current from that day to install
> otter-browser via pkgin. All went fine, but I was not able to start
> the application as it was complaining about missing
> and ldd output confirms that.
> Tried create symlink in /lib , but that does not work. Only after I
> made such link under /usr/pkg structure then I was able to start
> otter-browser.
> Sorry for lack of outputs for now, but I hope description is enough in
> this case.

You may need the compat90 package. was bumped to major version 2, which means that
you need those shared libraries from 9.0 when running binary
packages built for 9.0 on a newer release.

Unfortunately, binary packages for amd64 10.0 are not ready yet,
and the compat90 package isn't being built *for* 9.0 ("why would
you need that on 9.0?" was the thinking), so that when you try to
use the 9.0 binary packages, you're kind of forced to build
compat90 from source.

To fill a small part of that void and avoid having to build that
package yourself, and if you're able to trust my packaging, I
have uploaded a binary package of compat90 for amd64 built on
10.0_BETA to

If I understand correctly it should also be available from


- Håvard

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