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Re: MP3 and quiet/non-music parts

On Mon, 5 Dec 2022, Todd Gruhn wrote:

Yes -- it will split many pieces.

If I split int the right place, then all quiet-part is at the
begin/end of one piece.

How to chop off the  non-music piece?

sox(1) has a "silence" filter with lots of parameters. From its man

"Removes silence from the beginning, middle, or end of the audio.
`Silence' is determined by a specified threshold."

That certainly would require a lot of fiddling, though. And of course it
won't be perfect. Because, how would you automatically determine whether
a certain passage is "music" or "non-music" ?

I think it is easiest to just use a waveform editor like Audacity and
chop off the parts that you *know* are the portions you don't want.


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